Cloud Drive

RGB Cloud Drive is fast, secure, and scalable with pay-as-you-go storage pricing.

Secure Unlimited File Sharing & Backup

RGB Cloud Drive; Store Files, Share Files, Backup Files, Sync Files

Stop dealing with the hassle of managing a file server.  Store, share, sync, and automatically back up files for individuals or teams.  Easily set up multiple drives that can be accessed from any desktop or on-the-go through a secure web interface.

Store Files

Securely store files in the cloud and access them anywhere via a virtual network drive on your desktop or on the web.  There is no learning curve; it works just like any other drive, drag and drop, copy and delete.  Store an unlimited number of files.


Share Files

Ditch the file server and USB key for sharing files amongst workgroups.  Assign access permissions for individuals and teams across multiple drives.  Sharing large files has never been easier.



Easily restore lost files with automatic backup.  Set the backup schedule and apply it to specific files, folders, or an entire drive.  File change monitoring and de-duplication makes the process fast and consistent.  Receive backup update on your desktop, by email, or RSS.  Never worry about data loss again.



Sync files across multiple teams and desktops.  Assign folders on multiple local machines to sync with the online drive.  Files are updated as changes are made and are synched online as well as on teammate’s computers.  Go offline and keep working; the files will update as soon as an Internet connection is established.  Never work on an outdated document again.


Remote Access

Don’t be glued to the desktop.  Work from anywhere with secure remote access to your files.  Access files through a web-based interface or your favorite smartphone.