Email Archiving

Streamline eDiscovery needs, regulatory compliance, and reduce IT costs.

Secure email archiving and retention

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to maintain solid email archiving and retention procedures. We’ve combined archiving technology with our mastery of cloud computing to give you security and performance at low, fixed monthly rates.

Why RGB Email Archiving?

Industry regulations require multiple avenues of protection from a simple backup plan to the retention of detailed message header information.  With properly archived and retrievable email, your messages are automatically retained and immediately accessible when requested. With RGB Email Archiving you can:

File folders

• Capture, index, and safely store up to nine copies of auditable email; including header information, body, and attachment content

• Use full text search capabilities to find email based on message components in a secure web-based search and discovery interface

• Maintain original message integrity using WORM technology to assign date/time stamps and unique headers to safeguard against deletion

• Export to standards-based formats like .pst, .pdf, .txt, and mime

• Gain unlimited email storage capacity


How Safe is My Data with RGB Email Archiving?

During transmission and storage, your data remains secure and private. Offloading email archiving to the specialists at RGB Technologies can help you reduce internal server load, improve production server operation, and save IT resources.  RGB Email Archiving provides you with:

• Top-tier, physically, and logically secure data centers

• DoD standards-based encryption with HMAC-SHA1 authentication for tamper-proof data

• The most current SSL encryption protocols for data center-to-device transmissions

• Dynamically allocated, dedicated virtual machines delivering superior performance even during activity spikes

• Audit trails for every system interaction detailing user, activity, date, time, and IP address


RGB Email Archiving is available on a domain-wide basis, as an optional add-on to RGB Enhanced Email or RGB Exchange Email