Email Scheduler

Email Scheduler from RGB Technologies provides easy, intuitive email scheduling, integrated within your existing Salesforce® account. Perfect for individual or batch emails, one-time scheduling or recurring transmissions, Email Scheduler is the simple solution to your email scheduling needs.

Don’t settle for clunky, external third-party schedulers when you can utilize an integrated system, native to Salesforce, to handle your scheduling needs with ease.

  • • Send one-time or recurring emails at a date and time you determine
  • • Use existing Salesforce email templates in your scheduled transmissions
  • • Customize templates on the fly
  • • Contact customers and clients during peak times to maximize open rates
  • • Manage your existing scheduled emails – edit or delete at any time
  • • Incorporate HTML or plain-text emails
  • • Manage automatic BCC preferences
  • • Turn a two-step process (creating a reminder for yourself to send an email in the future, and then creating the email when the reminder pops up) into a one-step process (compose the email and schedule to send at the same time)
  • • Save time and effort, while ensuring on-time delivery!

Email Scheduler

  • • Requires no outside software
  • • Records scheduled emails in your Activities, associating with the applicable contact/project and including them in your reports
  • • Incorporates your existing contacts & leads
  • • Uses the robust Salesforce email system, providing reliable delivery

How to Install Email Scheduler

Email Scheduler is available for the following Salesforce editions:

  • • Group
  • • Professional
  • • Enterprise
  • • Unlimited
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